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Lightbulb off.png Beginner's Guide

Installation Guide
Beginner's Guide
Beginner's Guide to Multiplayer
Installing Files from the Repository
How to Add Trucks/Loads to a Terrain
How to report a bug
Vehicle Limits
Making a keymap

Lightbulb.png Advanced User's Guide

Use the Command Line Arguments to improve starting times of RoR for testing trucks
Creating your own GUI
Find out what version you are using: Version Information
Introduction to Event Scripting
How to use the autopilot
Server Setup Tutorial
Server Commands

Lorry.png Creating a Vehicle

Building a very basic truck
Video Tutorial- Creating Your First Truck
Files required for Creating a Truck and Creating a Load
Step by Step Truck Construction Tutorial ("RoRBook")
Ensuring Unique ID Compatibility
Program Tutorials: Blender, Editorizer
Truck Construction Troubleshooting

Lorry go.png Advanced Vehicle Topics

Invisible Rail
How to create a high quality sound(-loop)
Flares Tutorial
Suspension Concepts
Weight tuning
Debugging Trucks
Custom Dashboards
Folding Bus Doors
Submeshing in Blender
Opening Bus Doors (modern)
How to create custom particles
Creating TRACKS/CRAWLERS with slidenodes
Building Railroad vehicles

Lorry.png Simple Vehicle Modification Topics

Standard wheels to mesh wheels
Removing managedmaterials
Adding managedmaterials
Detachable nodes/beams
Changing meshwheels

Palette.png Texturing

Texture File and Material File
Texturing/Submeshing Tutorial
Making DDS textures
Making Skins with Paint.net
Bump map shader
Adding Glow
Adding Ambient Occlusion (AO) shadows
Painted Pavement Tutorial
Adding rust to a texture
Material basics

Application home.png Creating Meshes/Objects

Sketchup Tutorial
Dynamic Signs
How to get a good Flexbody
Separate (flexbody) deforming/detaching parts
Collision Mesh Troubleshooting
Donoteat's Patented Static Object Workflow
Mesh making in sketchup
Complete sketchup truck mesh

Map.png Creating a Terrain

Adding an object to a terrain
Creating a raw file
0.4 Terrain System
Program Tutorials: Terragen, Blender, L3DT, Earthsculptor, Blender Race Track Tutorial
Recommended elements for Terrain finishing
Importing an Existing Terrain into L3DT
Alpha Splatting
Bump Map Alpha Splatting
DEM Data and you: How to use the USGS Seamless Server to make terrains for you (under construction)
Building a railroad track
Adding sounds to a terrain version 0.38.67 (under construction)

Script.png Lua Tutorials - obsolete since version 0.38

Lua Basics
Spawning a truck in Lua
Creating Races
How to Make Custom Events