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RoR Problems

These are problems that deal with RoR as a program, not as a simulator or game.

Content Pack didn't install even after I checked it in the installer!

The installer is bugged, download the content pack from here . Open the zip, and extract all the contents of the stream folder into My Documents\Rigs of Rods 0.38\packs. More on that in here.

Help! RoR won't start! (0.37 beta only)

There was a bug in the installer where it deletes certain vital RoR files. If you're having this problem, try updating again. The installer has been fixed since rev 1008, so it no longer deletes RoR's files. This was fixed with the removal of the stable version from the online installer. If you want RoR 0.36.3 download the offline installer at sourceforge.

The Terrain disappeared and there is only water (0.37 beta only)

  • Description: You load one of the non-official terrains and the map only shows water.
  • Fix: Find the .zip file of the map you want to fix, open it and find the map.cfg file, open it and find the line that looks like this

<geshi lang="ror"># Use vertex program to morph LODs, if available VertexProgramMorph=yes</geshi> Edit the file to add a # in front of the VertexProgramMorph line like This: <geshi lang="ror"># Use vertex program to morph LODs, if available

  1. VertexProgramMorph=yes</geshi>

Save the file anywhere you like and move it back into the .zip file.

A newer vehicle only shows up as wheels (0.35 only)

  • Description: You load a vehicle (such as the Dodge Ram 1500 1st gen, or the Dodge Charger) and all you see are wheels with no body.
  • Fix: You need the flexbody patch that was released slightly after 0.35. Download for Windows.
  • 'Note': Versions older than 0.35 cannot support the flexbody patch, versions 0.36 and up have the patch pre-installed.

What are RAR files and why do they not work?

  • Description: RAR files, like ZIP files, are a form of file compression. The difference is that RAR files are known to WinRAR. This files cannot be loaded from the packs directory, as only ZIP files can be put there,
  • Fix 1: Download 7-zip and repackage the archive as a ZIP
  • Fix 2: Unpack the files to the appropriate data folder in the Rigs of Rods folder. (As of 0.36, the data folder no longer exists.)

For more detailed instructions, please see How to Download .RAR Files.

What compression and extraction tools are out there and do I need them?

While you really won't "need" these it is recommended you at least have one of these installed since most files on the repository will be either .zip, .rar or .7z to save space and allow files to be as small as possible.

Although Windows comes with the ability to open .zip files I would strongly recommend one of the following since these are free and aren't as finicky.

  • WinRAR For more "intermediate" to "advanced" users who know how to use this program (also has command line version available as well)
  • ALzip Can make self extracting files with real easy to use interface
  • 7-Zip Free, lightweight archiving tool
  • jZip A new, free WinZip alternative that unpacks all types of compressed files

Thrown exceptions

  • Description: When running RoR, a message appears and RoR refuses to run. The error looks similar to this:
An exception has been thrown!

Error #: 8
Function: ConfigFile::load
Description: 'resources.cfg' file not found!. 
File: ..\src\OgreConfigFile.cpp
Line: 80
Stack unwinding: <<beginning of stack>>
  • Fix: Most of the time, reading the "Description" line will give you a hint as to where the error is coming from. However, there are several kinds of errors that can be associated with these messages, and are mostly undocumented. It is best that you seek help if you are stumped. You can help get a speedy response by following these steps:
  1. Search the forums with keywords similar to that of your message to make sure your question has not already been answered.
  2. Make sure you are posting in the right forum. In this situation, please post in the other problems board.
  3. Use an appropriate title.
    1. "RoR won't work :(" is bad.
    2. "Error 8: resources.cfg not found" is better.
  4. Include the error message. You can do this one of several ways:
    1. Attach your RoR.log file to your post.
    2. When the error appears, hit CTRL + C and paste the message into your post.
    3. Take a screenshot.
  5. Be prepared to list what operating system and hardware (specifically video cards) you are using.

Terrains won't load due to a missing file

  • Description: File extensions were changed in version 0.32. This means some terrains uploaded before September of 2007 might not load.
  • Fix: The most common culprits are airplanes and boats. The Antonov (an-12.airplane) appears in many maps and may require changing (an-12.truck -> an-12.airplane) as well as the Smit tug (smit.truck -> smit.boat) If this does not apply, or does not fix your problem, you may be trying to access a file that does not exist. Make sure the file exists (Linux users should make sure the case is correct). As a last resort, you can delete the line entirely.

Error while loading shared libraries (Linux)

  • Description: An error comes up: ./RoR.bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  • Fix: Install required libraries.
    • OpenAL Specific: Make a link from to
    • wxWidgets Specific: Download (or compile) the appropriate wxWidgets. As of 0.34, the appropriate widget libraries should be included.

I deleted an essential file!

  • Description: A file required for game play has gone missing.
  • Fix: Redownload the game.

Repository Problems

Please see the repository page

RoRConfig Problems

wxWidgets dependencies are not met (Linux)

  • Description: When starting RoRconfig you get the following error message, and RoRconfig doesn't start: ./RoRconfig.bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  • Fix: RoRconfig needs non-unicode version of wxGTK for linux, most distributions only come with the unicode, you can either compile these your self if you know how, or you can download the precompiled dependencies located on the repo:
  • Update: Starting in 0.34 the wxWidgets library is included w/ RoR.
  • Update: Unicode libraries being used in 0.36 to facilitate language translation.

Multiplayer Problems

Flexbody vehicles rotate awkwardly

  • Description: When two identical flexbody vehicles are in the same game, their meshes will rotate so they are facing the same direction (with the frame remaining in its original position).
  • Fix: None, this is a known bug. Fixed in later versions.

My game freezes/crashes!

  • Description: The game randomly crashes or freezes for seemingly no reason.
  • Fix: Unfortunately, the network code is still in development. The developers have been working very hard to troubleshoot the networking issues and have made much progress, but there is still work to be done. Please bear with them as they try to fix all the problems. Note the server you chose and use a different server for the time being.
  • Description: The game randomly crashes in multiplayer on Windows Vista, and the above solutions do not work.
  • Fix: Try using RoR's built-in updater. That fixed it on my system.

I'm stuck to another user?!

  • Description: You spawn or respawn and you seem to be stuck to another user.
  • Fix: This is a known bug and is being worked out. A workaround is to simply move yourself off of the user, or rejoin.

I can't see some users!

  • Description: You can see someone in chat, but are unable to see them in the game.
  • Fix: Chances are this user is using a highly modified vehicle (that has more nodes and/or beams) or a vehicle that you do not have.
  • Update: There is a flaw in 0.35 in which the packs directory is not interpreted correctly. To alleviate this problem, unpack trucks to data/trucks or move all zips to data/packs.

People are floating in the air!

  • Description: Other users vehicles appear to be floating in midair.
  • Fix: Although vehicle height appears in multiplayer, tire size does not. If a user has increased their tire size, you will only see the original. Likewise, it is possible that a user is driving on a road they built that you do not have.
  • Note: If you are on a sandbox server (map is: "any"), people will most likely be on a different map. However they are still being displayed to others.

Truck Editing Questions

Vehicle Won't Spawn or Causes Crash

Be sure to check your RoR.log file. Your error should appear at, or near, the end of the file. Common reasons can be (in the truck file):

  • You have a space after a keyword (such as "nodes " as opposed to "nodes")
  • You forgot the end keyword at the end of the file
  • You used UPPERCASE somewhere
  • You messed up with the comments (all comments begin with a semicolon)
  • The nodes number are not consecutive
  • You use a node number that is not declared (in beams or elsewhere)
  • You have no {{#icon: IconComponent.gif | Cameras }} Cameras and/or {{#icon: IconComponent.gif | Cinecam }} Cinecam section.
  • Incorrect syntax. See Truck Description File.

Beam is too short

Beams shorter than 10cm are causes for crashing. Duplicate nodes attached to each other (distance=0) are often the cause.

Beam is too short (between -1 and -1)

This is caused by a too short (<10cm) beam in a section that is NOT beams. Could be too small wheels, too short cinecam beams, etc.

My truck explodes at start up!

Reasons can be:

  • Too large spring and/or damp values in the shocks or wheel section
  • Nonexistent nodes in the {{#icon: IconComponent.gif | Cinecam }} Cinecam bindings section
  • Your truck is too light. Try adding more weight.

My windows are opaque!

Your windows must have an Alpha Channel in the texture file. Paint does not support this, however programs such as Paint.NET, GIMP, and Photoshop do.

Flexbody: VY node not found

  • Description: If you have the flexbodies patch installed, you may get the following error in ror.log: FLEXBODY ERROR on mesh mycar.mesh: VY node not found. Two possible reasons for this error are as follows:
  • Problem 1: You may have a ref,x,y node that is not in the forset portion.
  • Fix: Change your ref,x,y nodes to ones that are in the forset group. Alternatively, you might add the ref,x,y nodes to the forset group.
  • Problem 2: Your forset nodes backwards.
  • Fix: Simply reverse the nodes in question.
  • Problem 3: One or more of your forset nodes is part of an extended point.
  • Fix: Leave the nodes out of your forset.

Achieving final gear

In some instances your vehicle may have too much power in the lower gears, but still not be able to enter final gear with correct ratios. Adding a {{#icon: IconComponent.gif | Fusedrag }} Fusedrag section has proven to alleviate this problem substantially.

My changes won't show up!

Configurater catching tutorialbyDespair.png
  • Description: I edit the file(s) within the .ZIP utilizing a verity of programs and procedures, And no matter WHAT i do, the changes just Don't appear in-game
  • Problem 1:I changed the skin with GIMP, but it says "you have insufficient permissions to alter the file destination"
  • Fix: open the .zip, and drag the .png, .jpeg, or .dds to the desktop, rite-click it, the select "Open with..." click the drop down on the window that appears, it should reveal "GIMP.exe" or "GNU image editor" click it once, then, before hitting ok click the check mark that says "Always use this program to open files of this type"
  • Part 2) now close everything but the .zip, double-click the image file, and it will open in GIMP (GNUco.exe) when your done, instead of exporting choose "over-write" make sure that you delete all the extra layers, or if you know how, make them the same size as the main layer.
  • Problem 2: I Edited the .TRUCK, but in-game it still has the same number of nodes!
  • Fix:If you used Microsoft word you must close the file after saving, then click "yes" to the prompt winrar throws,
    ("the prompt Win-RaR throws)
    if your using the windows explorer, regain catch in the Configurator (Image shown bellow)
  • METHOD A) open your new-and improved .Truck straight from WinRaR, make sure there aren't any conflicting .TRUCK names,(first line of file) if not hit Cntl + S then 'X' out of the .Truck(s) thereafter, WinRaR will throw the 'Update archive' prompt, CLICK YES play the game, It'll show-up
  • Method B) Drag all dependent and edited files into the zip, then regain your cache, if it still doesn't work clear it [Image at Right]
  • When all-of-the-above Fails) open your ' C:\Users\your log-in name\Documents\Rigs of Rods 0.38 ' Directory.

if you see "packs", "cache", you are in the right place, now click on "packs". in the search bar type in a portion of the truck name Ex: t800, W900, BoxDodge Cummins. If you get two results, find the 'view' option via rite click in the blank space below the search results (newer OS's have a small box with a dropdown near the top), and click (depending on your OS) 'Details' or 'list' drag the one indicated by that date as older to the desktop, and attempt to run the game If you are successful, rename your and/or .trucks (whichever it was that was conflicting) after that, you should be able to place both in your folder system, to be safe though, place the old ones in "Testing"

Specific Error Pages

If RoR throws a specific error number, check these pages for more information:

Error 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 50 51

Getting Support

If these solutions have not fixed your problem, feel free to make a support request on the forums in the appropriate subforum, or join the Chat (Also to get a complete understanding of our chat room read our Forum Chat. Please be prepared to post your RoR.log file, which is located in your RoR directory. Please be respectful of those who are helping you, as a friendly attitude is going to be received better than hostility! And lastly.

Crash Reporting

We cannot fix any problems we don't know about so Please use the Crash Report tool so we can learn what is wrong and hopefully fix it.