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This is a big tutorial that will help you creating your very own truck :) Writing this is a big effort, but if everyone picks a small point and writes it, it should be do-able. Please note the general guidelines for the RoRBook.

You can download a PDF version of the book here (This link is broken)

(You can also have a look at the old tutorial: Step by Step Truck Construction (old))

  1. RoRBook/Introduction What is a truck in RoR. What are beams, nodes and stuff. Also, where to look for errors
  2. RoRBook/Setup a working environment Requirements for creating trucks: (notepad, setup working environment)
  3. Land-based Vehicles and Basics
    1. RoRBook/Basic Truck Requirements - Basic requirements for getting the game to accept a truck.
    2. RoRBook/First beams and nodes - The basics of creating a truck for RoR.
    3. RoRBook/Rigidity
    4. RoRBook/Wheels
    5. RoRBook/Engine
    6. RoRBook/Suspension
    7. RoRBook/Steering
    8. RoRBook/Commands
    9. RoRBook/Hooks
    10. RoRBook/Submeshes
    11. RoRBook/Flares
    12. RoRBook/Props - A tutorial on how to get a basic prop working on your truck/load.
    13. RoRBook/Set_beam_defaults
    14. RoRBook/Cinecam/Cameras
    15. RoRBook/Details (exhausts, custom dashboard, etc)
  4. Objects and Texturing
    1. RoRBook/Meshes
      1. RoRBook/Meshes/Tools
      2. RoRBook/Meshes/Basic rules
    2. RoRBook/Materials
    3. RoRBook/Flexbodies - An introduction to flexbodies and how to get them working properly.
  5. Aircraft and Winged Vehicles
    1. RoRBook/Simple airplane body construction
    2. RoRBook/Wings
    3. RoRBook/Fusedrag
    4. RoRBook/Airplane engines
      1. RoRBook/Propeller engines
      2. RoRBook/Jetengines
  6. Nautical Vehicles and Boats
    1. RoRBook/Simple boat body construction Building a boat with a functional hull
    2. RoRBook/Boat engines
  7. Packaging Guides on how to properly package your vehicle for upload to the repository.
  8. Sections.