Beginner's Guide to Multiplayer

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This tutorial will show you how to connect to a multiplayer server. To do this you use the configurator.

First, input your User Token. Your user token is unique to your forum account, do not share it. Otherwise people will be able to imposter you. If you do not have a forum account, skip this step.

  1. Open the Configurator and click on "Get Token." This will send you to a forum page where you can copy your token from the green box.
  2. Paste the token into the Configurator box.

Now we will connect to a server.

  1. Click on the "Network" tab.
  2. Check "Enable network mode" and enter your nickname.
  3. Click on "Update" to show the server list.
  4. Click on one of the servers to automatically input it's IP and port. You can also manually connect to a server's IP and port by typing in the boxes (Advanced)
  5. Click "Save and Play".

The game will start, and you will be allowed to chose a map (If supported) and you will spawn as a RoRbot. You can spawn trucks/loads in the same way as singleplayer. Note that you currently can't delete your trucks in multiplayer, you'll have to restart your game to do that. Press the "Y" key to begin typing a message, press Enter(Return) to send the message.