Adding truck/load to the maps

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Why Add Files?

As of 0.32, users can spawn trucks and loads at designated spots. Prior to this, you had to add loads manually to each terrain file. You can still do this if you want a load/truck to appear every time you load the map.

Finding coordinates

  1. Load RoR and load the map you want to edit.
  2. Walk (or drive) to the position you want the new load to be appear.
  3. Press H. You may do this more than once.
  4. Close RoR.
    1. The coordinates you were at are now saved in C:\Program Files\Rigs of Rods [VERSION]\RoR.log
    2. Search for position. They resemble this format:
      04:28:44: position 1220.74, 35.086, 931.004, 0, 89.7323, 0

Opening the Map

  1. Find your Rigs of Rods folder. This is usually C:\Program Files\Rigs of Rods [VERSION].
  2. From there, find your data folder and go to terrains.
  3. Find the terrain you want to edit. Terrain names often reflect their filename, such as aspen.terrn and nhelens.terrn. Open the terrain in Notepad, or a similar editor.

Adding Trucks/Loads

The full explanation of the syntax may be found here.

  1. Find the truck/load filename you want to add.
    1. If it is a pack (.zip) file: open the zip and find the .truck or .load file and copy its filename.
    2. If it is a standalone file, simply find its file in the data folder and copy its filename.
  2. Paste the coordinates from your RoR.log and add either truck, load, or machine (for fixed objects) respectively to the end.
  3. Add the filename after the truck/load/machine declaration.

Your line should resemble these:

1220.74, 35.086, 931.004, 0, 89.7323, 0, truck agoral.truck
1160.43, 34.133, 924.458, 0, 93.6213, 0, load semi.trailer

You can see that the first six numbers are coordinates, followed by the declaration, and then concluded with the filename. Save the file and try it out!


For troubleshooting, please see the main Troubleshooting page.